March 16, 2015

We hope you had a great spring break!



Key Club is meets today at lunch in room G109!



Please see Mrs. Hemenway for more information on The Pioneers of Alaska Scholarship  

See your counselor by March 12th for Senator Murkowski's Internship Program.

Come out for a presentation and workshop on financial aid and scholarships this Wednesday, March 25th, at 6 pm, in the library.  You will learn how to write scholarship essays, put scholarships together, and find out about scholarship opportunities! For questions, please contact Bryan Rivera at (907) 375-6417 or

There will be a WEST POINT cadet here at lunch tomorrow, Tuesday March 17th in the CRC to speak with interested students.

Before choosing or exploring a career, you need to spend some time finding out about you. Whether you're a student planning to go to college, a vocational school, or the military, or you're just not sure what you want to do yet, the ASVAB career Exploration Program can provide you with important information about your skills, abilities, and interests.  It can also set you on the right course for a satisfying career. Sign up for the ASVAB test today in the Curriculum Department.

The AP test payment/registration window is now open.  The deadline is March 20th at 11am.  If you have questions about registration or payment, please see your counselor.

Math Tutorial happens EVERY lunch in room G204



Softball tryouts are tonight at 7 pm for pitcher and catcher

Wednesday at 6:30 is the all player tryouts

Thursday at 7:30 is an All Player tryout

Friday at 7:00 is make up tryouts