video solutions for all needs

Starfish Enterprise offers video solutions for your business. Whether you need a slideshow or a training video, we can create it. Using local, Alaskan student talent, Starfish Enterprise can offer you a video at a fraction of the cost of a major media company.

Notable Clients

The Process

All of our videos are created from scratch with this process.

Initial Meeting

Before project work begins, we will have a meeting with the client and grasp their vision for the video project.

Plan of Action

After the initial meeting, a Plan of Action document and a script will be presented. This plan includes a timeline, a quote, and the video script. This is when changes are made to the video to better suit the client's needs.

Video Filming

This is where we film according to the script. This stage takes anywhere between 1 day and 2 weeks.

Video Editing

After all the filming is complete, the video will be edited. All of the pieces will be put together for the video.

Feedback and Revisions

After the video is complete, it will be sent to the client for revisions. This is where we will change parts of the film to better suit the client’s requests.


This is where the video is uploaded to the internet for viewing and handed off to the client.

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