So, How much does a video cost?

Of course, this depends on the scale of the project. But, here is a short page about how much it may cost. Starfish Enterprise can offer videos at a fraction of the cost of major media companies because of how we create the videos. All videos are created using local, Alaskan students who just want to expand their skills. Many students would not like to be paid, but rather just film. It is a passion for many. The cost of a video covers the expenses of creating it and a lunch for the crew helping. We are not in it for a profit, but rather for experience.

You can always request a free quote for your project. This will get you a better understanding of your project cost.

in general, how much does a video cost to produce?

Slideshow or Basic Video - Starts at $35 to $90

This is a basic, low end project. This may be a custom video slideshow from already created images or a 30 second time lapse video. These are short projects that do not include custom music or graphics.

Exposé or News Story Video - Starts at $100 to $250

These are video created to give the audience information on an event, a person, or a topic. They are usually kept under 3 minutes. Imagine them similar to a mini documentary. Music usually is copyright free and the video does not include custom graphics.

Fictional or Story Video - Starts at $200 to $500

These videos usually take the longest to write, film and edit. The process of these videos make them cost more than others. They start with a basic idea and create a story around that. A custom script must be written and actors need to be found. Filming then needs to be brief to conserve time. The editing stage of these projects usually takes longer than others. Many revisions are needed to the completed project. Copyrighted music may be used for music videos. Custom music is not created. Custom graphics may need to be created and special effects may be needed as well.

Documentary or Short Film - Starts at $500 to $800

These are longer videos created with intentions of telling a story. They usually include scripting, filming, and editing with custom music and graphics. A large team is required to create this type of video.