Starfish Enterprise Video Gallery

Mrs. Carol Exposé: How People See My art


South Idol Introduction

This video is an example of short and high pressure edit work. The video was created as a secondary project in less than 24 hours. 


This is a project following behind the scenes of the Alaska Iron Dog Race and the Urban-Rural Exchange. Myself and Ian Vollsted, another South High video student, were sent up to Barrow and Fairbanks filming a group of other high school students participating in the exchange. 

Young alaskans bridge the urban rural divide

This was a documentary made about the Alaska urban rural divide for the Plural Plus youth video festival.

Special thanks to Tyler Schlagenhauf for some footage featured in the video and for being interviewed.
Another thanks to Katherine Ellison for being interviewed.

Babylon Language Camp

Slideshows created for the Babylon Language Camp.

Prince William Sound Timelapse

This is part of a larger project I am working on about shrimping in Prince William Sound. I plan for this video to be complete by Independance Day. Watch the beach on the second timelapse. 

The Nights

This video is 5 months in the making. 

Started in December of 2014, we had an idea to create an awesome music video with another song. Eventually, after some discussion, we decided to change the song to The Nights. Quin and I thought we could get more of a story out of The Nights. We started filming during Early March and finished in mid April. 

We would like to thank everyone who helped in this production and thank you for taking the time to watch this video.


Brice Wilbanks | Quin Fitzpatrick

Turnagain Timelapse 2014/2015

We took an image from the Alyeska Resort webcam four times an hour for a year. This is the result.


Huffman Potato Harvest

Huffman Elementary Students have been harvesting potatoes since 2004 and donating all the food to Bean's Cafe. This video was created to show how the students and volunteers at this school are benefiting their community, one potato at a time.

German-American Exchange Differences

 In September of 2014, a group of German exchange students visited from Germany. Here's what they had to say about South Anchorage High School and Alaska.

South Anchorage High School Star Spangled Banner Ceremony 

South Anchorage High School held a ceremony to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. 

Babylon language camp slideshows

These were slideshows done for the Babylon Language Institute in Alaska. This was a really fun project because I got to volunteer with some great younger kids and do something that I feel makes a difference in our community. 

Visit them online at

Alaska's 2013

Alaska's 2013 is about the Alaska 2013 year in a glance. The story is told through unique cinematography and some photos.

Goldenview Middle School Ski Team

This was a compilation video made for the Nordic Ski Team at Goldenview. This was by far one of the quickest turnaround videos I have ever done. The video itself shows three months of the team and our season, while the video was produced within 2 days.

GOLDENVIEW band anaheim trip

This was a video/slideshow done after the Goldenview Middle School Band returned from their trip to Anaheim.