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Welcome to the #SOBOSS2016 Trivia section! This year's game will take place online where everyone can participate! Practice, rules, and scoring information can be found below.

The 3 rules

Number 1 - One must not use the same ID twice. All IDs used twice will void all votes under that ID.

Number 2 - One must not use an ID that does not belong to them

Number 3 - One must not tell others the answer to any question


Scoring takes place through a few formulas that calculate the winner. Here is how it works:

One (1) Correct Answer = One (1) Point For Your Class

Points are not calculated on a cumulative point basis, but rather calculated on percentage of correct answers and the total number of correct answers submitted.

Total Correct Answered / Total Correct Possible = Correct %

However, the more people that participate, the higher chance of winning. This is where the multiplier system comes into place.

Participants and Multipliers

As more people play, the multiplier will get larger. This will add bonus points to your class for high participation. So the more participation, the easier the game is!

(Total Correct Answered * Multiplier) / Total Correct Possible = Correct %

But Remember...You can only go up, never down! 

Wrong Answers DO NOT hurt your chances of winning!

So get out your phone and participate! The more people play, the higher chance the class has at winning!

Scoring example

The Freshman class had 30/50 people in their class play with an average of 3/5 points.

The Sophomore class had 40/50 people in their class play with a total of 2.8/5 points.

Here are the results:

F: 81% Correct Percentage INSTEAD OF 60% w/o Multiplier System

S: 78.96% Correct Percentage INSTEAD OF 56% w/o Multiplier System

The Sophomores were closer to beating the Freshman than before the system.


Practice is Closed!

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