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Starfish Enterprise has worked on a number of websites to improve clients web presence. See below what Starfish Enterprise can do to assist in your business.



Squarespace is the website development platform from the future that transforms a few photos & pieces of information into a brand selling powerhouse. With easy customer usability and pre-built designs, your current site can be brought into 2019 with eye-catching and unique design. See Starfish Enterprise's portfolio to see what innovation has done to clients web presence.



With experience in Wordpress, Joomla, and Flarum, your current website can be worry-free with rapid, flexible, and accurate maintenance done on your schedule by Starfish Enterprise.


Click on each site to demo the functionality and see what Starfish Enterprise did for their business. Please note that as websites change and evolve, what is pictured below may not represent the exact look of the website today.

Polar Marine

Renovated a website to allow the most important information to be showcased for future customers

Advanced Physical Therapy

Transforming a cluttered site into an eye-catching, yet soothing place to help connect patients with the therapy they need

Video Awards 2018

Building a digital and physical campaign that generated over 25000 impressions for sponsors and created the most talked about event of the year

SAHS Media

Developing a place to showcase the talented creators of South Anchoage High School

Seward Boat Owners

Custom Developed a forum for patrons in the Seward Small Boat Harbor to discuss harbor issues and improvements

Trinity Presbyterian

Creating a welcoming place to share congregational news and information

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 8.18.23 PM.png


Showcasing the abilities of local Alaskan atheletes through personalized websites and resumes


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