Mobile app design can be both great and affordable

Great is an understatement. Starfish Enterprise creates mobile apps to suit the client's needs within an affordable budget. We custom create each mobile app in an organized, intuitive fashion.

The Process

Initial Meeting

Before starting development or quote, we sit down and discuss what each client needs and imagines. We ask important questions about the app's design, functionality and user demographic.

Plan of Action

After the initial meeting, Starfish Enterprise prepares a Plan of Action. This document includes a quote, timeline, and other information regarding the mobile app.

Begin App Development

After seeing and agreeing to the plan of action, app development begins. This generally takes anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks.

Beta Testing

Once the app is complete, beta testing begins! This allows the client and others to test drive the app and report issues with the app.

Launch Day

After all the issues are solved with the app, we launch the app to Google Play and the iTunes Store.

Available for Download

Once the app is available for download on Google Play and the iTunes Store, the project is complete. A maintenance plan continues from there to update parts of the app for each client.