Yes, I am a total nerd.

Yes, I am a total nerd.

Hello. My name is Brice Wilbanks. This is my digital resume and portfolio.

I am a first year Pacific Lutheran University and for the past few years I’ve been actively involved in all aspects of media production. I have extensive experience with multimedia of all forms including video productions, website management and development, mobile app development, and multimedia consultation. Five years ago I started my own business called Starfish Enterprise. This business creates new and exciting technology solutions for local business utilizing Alaska student talent.

Last Updated Resume: May 28, 2018

Last Updated: September 18, 2018

First-Year College Classes

16 Credit Hours

Writing 101

Statistics 242

Data Structures 270

Sociology 101 


I have won a few awards, big and small for my work.

5th National Winner for the Youth 4 German Cinema - 2015 - Award Website

Air National Guard Youth of the Year - 2015 - Article - Video

Spirit of Youth Runner Up - Media and Technology - 2015 - Video

Seal of Biliteracy - German - Website

South Anchorage High School Video Awards - Music Video and Alaska Outdoors Winner - 2015

South Anchorage High School Video Awards - Documentary Winner - 2016

Goldenview Middle School Video Awards - Other Section Winner - 2014

Big Wild Life Trivia Contest - Anchorage Alaska Winner - 2013

National Jr. Honor Society Member - 2012/2013/2014



I here is the list of studies I have participated in the past few years.

Fluent in German Comprehension - 8 years of Studying - 2007-2017

Cinematography/Video Production Studies - 2013-2018 - Video

Proficient in the following web programming languages: HTML/CSS/Javascript/Java - 2013-2018

Debate and Public Speaking - 2013-2017

Algebra 2 - 2015 / Pre-Calculus 2015-2016 / AP Calculus 1 and 2 2016-2018

Biology - 2015 / Meteorology - 2015 / Environmental Science - 2016 / Physics - 2017

Other Misc Classes - AP Microeconomics, AP Computer Science, AP United States Government, AP German, AP Calculus

High School Unweighted GPA: 3.84    Weighted: 3.95     Top 13% Percentile for South Anchorage High School

AP Exams - AP German: 3 / AP Calculus AB: 3



I have had the opportunity to work on a few unique projects that have defined my work ethic and leadership skills as a student.

Developed and designed multiple websites including,,,, The full portfolio can be viewed here:

Tutored multiple students in a variety of mathematic topics and volunteered for a whole year in a student Geometry level class assisting students on a peer-to-peer level

Wrote multiple App Scripts (a javascript equivalent for interacting with Google Services) projects for bettering South Student Services, such as inventory tracking systems and ticketing systems - 2016-2017

Created and ran a multimedia safe driving campaign at South Anchorage High School - Sep 2016 - More Info

National Military Teen Panel - Apart of a teen panel to help military children - 2015-2016

TicketMax - Developed to manage all tickets for my high school events; Runs off of a Google Sheet using barcode scanners - 2015

South DDF App - Developed for the Debate, Drama, and Forensics Tournament to let attendees view a schedule, postings, and a map - 2015/2016/2017 - App

South Anchorage High School Executive Historian - 2015-2016

Completed Iron Dog Documentary - 2015 - Video

Babylon Language Camp Paid Counselor - 2015 (This is a summer camp immersing kids language. I was hired as a counselor for the 2015 camp) - Website - Video

Traveled to Barrow/Fairbanks for Documentary Filming - 2015

AEA Connect - Mobile app developed for Anchorage Education Association - 2015

Created a video for the Plural+ UN International Film Festival - 2015 - Participation Certificate

Wired Wolverine - South Anchorage High School mobile app for keeping students connected - 2014-2015 - NPR Radio Spot

Live Stream: Iron Dog Alaska Events - 2014-2015

Many more smaller live streaming events in Anchorage - 2014-2015

Babylon Language Camp Volunteer Assistant Counselor - 2013-2014

Live Stream: Anchorage Figure Skating Association Winter Shows - 2013-2014


If you need validation for any of the data above, please contact me below.

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