In this section, you will learn what a record is and they work.



  • Introduction to Records
  • Navigating the Records Page
  • Adding a Record
  • Record Options
    • Linked Records
    • Unlinked Records
  • Adding a Link
  • Editing a Link
    • Unlinking from a Goal
  • Printing the Records


Please Note: You should have read "Goals" before reaching this section


Records serve two functions:

  1. First, they allow goals to hold more information regarding the status of that goals completion. As an example, a goal could be "To Secure a Job by December". A record could be linked to that goal stating that "The student applied to a job at the airport" or "The student got called back for an interview". Records allow more in-depth details on goals and show more detail than the end achievement. 
  2. Second, the create a place to note student achievements and other pertinent information


Navigating the "Records" Page

On an empty case, the records will show a page similar to the one on the right. Note that there are "0 entries showing". This notifies us that there exists zero records on the case. For the rest of this documentation, we will use a case with records existing. Case 6746 is shown on the right and has three records attached to the case.

On the top, below the Name and Case ID, the CMS will show the number of records that exist in the case. This page shows ALL existing entries on a case. Below that, three buttons exist to interact with the whole page. These icons are the same as listed and described on the "Goals" documentation page. Hovering over these buttons will show their actions.


Adding a Record

Clicking the "Add New Record" button will bring up a dialog to add a new record to the case. This dialog consists of two sections

  1. The text box to add the record
  2. Submit and Reset Buttons

Entering a record and pressing submit will add them to the case. Records are added to a case without being linked to a goal. Linking a record to a goal can occur after the record is created.

Once the record is added, a dialog will popup notifying you that the record is saved.


Record Options

Please note: Records do not need to be linked to a goal.

Once a record is added, its as a default, not linked to a goal. Each record has buttons on the right hand side of the record table showing actions and information regarding this records status. Below is a table showing what each of the icons represents.

Linked Records

Clicking the icon below will create a dialog showing the linked goal. 

Open Linked Goal

Clicking the icon to the right, you can link the record to another goal, or unlink it from any goal.

Edit this Link

Unlinked Records

Unlinked records show the below icon to indicate they are not linked. Clicking this icon will popup a dialog explaining this detail.

Record is not Linked

You may add a link to this record by clicking the below icon.

Add New Link

All Records

All records display a trash icon, allowing you to delete this record. Clicking this button will not ask for confirmation.

Delete Record


Adding a Link

To add a link, first find the record you would like to link. The record must be first created and cannot be linked during the creation process. Once the found the record you would like to link, click the Add New Link button in the same row, to the right.

Add New Link

Please Note: If you would like to edit a link, please navigate to the "Editing a Link" section below.

Clicking this button will display a popup with all current goals on the same case. An example is to the right.

Next, find the goal you would like to link from this list. The list will display all current goals on the case. Please note that you may need to scroll to see all goals available. Once you have found the goal you would like to link, click the icon below found in the same row.

Link this Goal

The dialog will close and begin processing. A new dialog will appear alerting you that the link has been created.

Please Note: The option to "Unlink from Goal" will still show up even if the goal is already unlinked. Clicking this option will create no change in the record or goal.


Editing a Link

Editing a link allows you to alter which goal the record is linked too. To do this, find the below icon on the already linked record and click it.

Edit this Link

This will show a dialog exactly the same as shown above when adding a new link. Once you find the goal you would like to link the record to, press the link icon on the left of the same row. 

Unlinking a Goal

To unlink a goal, find the close icon as shown below and press it. This will remove the current linked goal.

Unlink Goal


Printing Records

You can print all the case records under by pressing the "Print Records" button, located above the record table.

Print Records

You may only print the whole record table and not individual records.


Case with no records created

Standard case with three records. CaseID 6746

From left to right, "Add New Record", "Refresh Case" and "Print Records"

Dialog that appears after pressing the "Add New Record" button

Dialog that appears after successfully adding a new record


Icons showing for each record. 


Dialog that appears when you open a linked goal

Menu to swap the goal. See "Editing a Link" below to learn more

Record is unlinked dialog

Adding a link and editing a link display the same menu. See "Adding a Link" below to learn more.


Find the record you would like to link


Menu will popup allowing you to link the record to a goal


Dialog appearing once the link has been created


Example of a linked goal. Click the second icon in the 


Menu to select goal


The print button is the third icon over


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