aleut education cms DOCUMENTATION

Welcome to the case management system. On this page, you will find information regarding the operation and use of the online case management system.


Using the documentation

The documentation is seperated based on each page in the case management system. You can access each of the pages on the left for desktop, or on the top of the page for mobile.



What is a Case ID?

Case IDs are used to reference certin students in the case management system. Using a four digit code system, the CMS can both operate more efficiency and case managers can limit their need to type in a students full name each time a case is requested. 

Technical Specs

The case management system is written in Javascript for user side interactions and Google Apps Script for server side interactions. The database is hosted using a Google Spreadsheet. The system effectively uses Google Sheets as a backed database.


Change Log

6 September
Version 6

17 August
Version 5

15 August
Version 4

-Added Login requirement through Google

-Edited email subject lines

-Added confirmation for deletion of goals and data fields
-Automatic unlinking of records to deleted goals
-Added Log ID to dialog displaying confirmation that the goal has been deleted