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On this page, you will learn the nessessary steps to create and edit a case from scratch. Don't forget, you can expand imaged by clicking on them


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  • Adding a Case
  • Editing base information
  • Removing pre-generated content
  • Adding the first goal

Adding a case

Begin by navigating to the "Add New Case". You do not need to type in a case ID on the dashboard to access this page.

Once on this page, you may add a new case by filling out all fields marked in red.

Emails are required in order to send both the student and the case manager an email regarding the creation of the case. This email will also contain the case ID. See below for a sample email to students.

Congratulations Record Randy,

You've been added to the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island's student progress management system. We look forward to seeing your success in the next few years.

For now, your unique ID number is: 6097
Remember this number as it is your way to track your progress.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask your case manager Goal Galinda.

Once the case is created, you will be promoted with a dialog confirming the case has been created.

The case created will then populate all other tabs of the program. 


Viewing a case

To request and/or view a case, you may visit either the "Dashboard" and query the system by case ID, or you may find the case under the "Roster Tab".


Typing in a case ID and pressing submit will query and pull up the requested case. Non-existent IDs will return an error.


Once on the roster tab, clicking the generate roster will create the latest roster of all cases, their names, and their IDs. You may click the "Search" icon to query that specific case. Please note that once the case is pulled up, you must naviate to another tab to interact with that case.

Dashboard Tab

Roster Tab

Search Icon

Generated Roster


Editing base Information

Once the case is created, the system requests and displays information regarding that case. Navigating to most pages will display which case is currently being edited. 

The next step is adding base information for case. The base information can be edited using the "Edit Case" tab.

The field is displayed on the left while the case information is stored on the left. To edit a specific field, click the pencil icon and wait for the dialog to prompt an entry. A dialog will appear as below where you may enter the case information. Once you press submit, your edits are saved. Clicking close will abandon the edit process. 


Adding your first goal

Goals are created in order to track student progress. There are two components to goals: educations goals and records. This of this as a parent child relationship. Goals are the parent while records are the child. Records show progress on a specific goal and show the milestones taken. 

Education goals are found at two places on the CMS, Under the "Dashboard" tab and under the "Education Goals" tab. The main difference between these two displays is the ability to add goals. Goals may only be added on the "Education Goals" tab and may not be added from the dashboard.

Adding a Goal

To add a new goal, navigate to the "Education Goals" tab. Make sure that you have queried a case on the dashboard. Under this tab, you should see the person icon notifying you that a case has been queried.

Find the "Add New Goal" icon, this is the first icon in the set of three below the number of entires shown.

Clicking this icon will show a dialog asking you to add the goal text. Click submit to add your goal and a spinner will notify you that the changes are being processed. If the page fails to refresh, showing the new goal, press the "Refresh Case" button refresh your view.

Please note that goals are limited to 1000 characters each and there may only exist 25 goals at a time on one case.



Options on Education Goals tab. Hovering over these options with a mouse will display what their action is. 

From Left to Right, "Add New Goal", "Refresh Case", and "Print Goals"

This will show if case has been queried

This will show if there has been an error with querying the case

Goal Entry Dialog. Pressing reset clears the form, submit will process the changes

"Add New Goal" icon is on the far left.

"Refresh Case" icon is in the center.

Sample goals on a case

Goal is incomplete

Goal is complete


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